OCCUPY AMSTERDAM // The Netherlands // 2011 // © Ricardo Rodrigues da Silva
What started locally with the occupation of public squares in Spain and Greece back in May 2011, the "Indignados" movement spread to New York with Occupy Wall Street and has now covered the globe with a world wide phenomenon.
On the 15th of October, cities around the world joined the protest in demand for a more just political and financial system. Caracas, Ankara, Lisbon, Athens, Berlin, Amsterdam or Moscow are some of the cities currently occupied.
The demands are vast. Centered in the reform of the financial system, protesters aim for a more equal distribution of wealth improving general health care, education, job opportunities and other areas of the public domain.
However, with ideas running from divers areas such as ecology, economics, health care and many more, it is hard to say if it will be possible to make things add up.
With mild interest from the main media and an apparent relaxed position from those in power a possible follow up and meaningful change is hard to in-vision.
Although the rightfulness of the protest is unquestionable its outcome is still an enigma.