Ricardo Silva's Art education started at Antonio Arroio Art School in Lisbon at the age of sixteen. He became familiar with a diverse rang of arts and crafts including Photography.
While taking his degree in Graphic Design at IADE-ESD in Lisbon he took several courses in Photography with special interest in photojournalism and long term reportage/documentary projects.
After two years as a freelance graphic designer he moved to London to pursue his long lasting passion for documentary Photography. He attended a Reportage Course at Central Saint Martins and developed several projects within the city.
After returning to Lisbon he worked for Publico Newspaper as an Intern Staff Photographer. Subsequently he was later the recipient of the INOV-Art Grant, alloying him to work at NOOR photo agency in Amsterdam.
He works as an independent photographer in Lisbon.
"The oldest memory I have with Photography is picking up a camera someone had left at my grandfather's house. I proceeded to snap at anything: people, dogs, trees, bicycles, food, anything. I was ecstatic with this object, its buttons, the weight, the power of decision, framing, timing. I loved the camera I loved what you could do with it, I loved that you somehow became a time wizard.
I was roughly eight years old back then and the camera had no film in it.
Today, I still feel the same every time I pick one up. I still have that camera."